50,000 Safe Hoists


On 25 January 2010, Agusta A109K2, Serial Number 10036 with Registration ZS-RPN, powered by two Turbomeca Arial 1K1 engines completed 50,000 safe hoists!

The helicopter is operated by Acher Aviation (Pty) Ltd performing Marine Pilot Transfer services in the ports of Durban and Richards Bay for the Transnet National Ports Authority of South Africa.

The Hoist used is the Breeze Eastern 600 Pound Rescue Hoist.

At the time of this achievement, the status of the helicopter was as follows:

Start of operations : January 1999

Total airframe hours : 9,588.49 Hours

Engine 1 Cycles : 28,986.90

Engine 2 Cycles : 28,345.05

Landings : 45,842

Hoists : 50,000


Also on 25 January 2010:

It is estimated that this helicopter had spent 2,205 hours in the hover.

It is estimated that this helicopter had delivered and recovered 105,842 individuals off ships accident and injury free by hoist or landing.

Acher Aviation (Pty) Ltd

4 February 2010.