Acher was founded on OGP standards and has specialised in 24 hour offshore ship service activities by helicopter for the past thirteen years. Highly developed safety structures, administration, training and carefully selected and specified twin engined helicopters have allowed in excess of one hundred and forty thousand safe hoist operations to be conducted with this number growing at a rate of over thirty five per day/night. This is complemented by several thousand deWebpage 109 on rigck landings. OGP crew transfers are routinely performed for all major Oil and Gas company vessels and rigs passing South African Ports.

The Acher hazard identification and risk management system is founded on OGP principles and has been developed and matured through over a decade of international ship service hoisting operations. Within the helicopter aviation community, this service is seen as far more demanding, in respect of operational safety, than routine offshore operations. To this end Acher can additionally add a highly skilled safety base, CRM procedures, specialised skills training and emergency response capability to any OGP offshore helicopter operation.

Acher maintenance is conducted to fully comply with manufacturer’s specifications and audited OGP requirements. Fully licenced and approved engineers maintain exceptional serviceability rates in excess of 98% for bases of operation. Acher operates two approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation bases.

Through strategic partnerships Acher has the ability to provide full turnkey aviation services to clients including fixed wing support. Acher has the ability, at reasonably short notice, to secure fully OGP compliant helicopters for contract operations in sub Saharan Africa. Acher has and continues to provide logistics support to numerous African aviation operations. This has included fixed wing support in Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia and Southern Sudan. Specialised helicopter support has been provided in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. (The USA and China outside of Africa).